Mira Hatland on the Path of Love

Beloved friends,

I just got back from another 7 days of the process called the  “Path of Love“. It was again, the most beautiful process  I have ever done in my entire spiritual life…and that’s a lot of spiritual processes in 40 years!

Esse processo é em uma semana de silêncio, bem como uma partilha profunda e íntima com os outros. Uma semana de investigações reveladoras sobre a auto-sabotagem, autocrítica, crenças sobre si mesmo. Você sabe, aquele que está sempre sobre nosso ombro dizendo coisas negativas a nosso respeito e nunca se cala? Que se intromete com a sua mente sórdida e coloca sua estúpida e falsa opinião, justamente quando estamos, finalmente, no momento presente e curtindo a vida?

It is a week of silence as well as deep and intimate sharing with one another. A week of revealing inquiries on ones own sabotage, self doubt, beliefs about one self . You know, that one that’s always on our shoulder saying negative things about ourselves and never shuts up? It pokes it’s nasty head out and states it’s stupid and untrue opinion, when we are finally, finally in the moment and enjoying life?

It is a week of allowing our selves to be free of our anger, our sadness, and the untold secrets that we have kept hidden for a life time. It is in these 7 precious days, when one can really understand that emotions are completely human and can be accepted and expressed genuinely and openly without shame and guilt. We see that we have been so restricted in our society, that we and everyone else in the room (or on the planet) are walking around like envelopes, licked tight and neat.  And really, we are all like time bombs, ready to bust out of our bodies with unsaid feelings and unheard pain. We often don’t even know those feelings are there.

It is a week to be genuinely seen. 100% seen many times a day, by many many people. With our darkest shadows hanging out all messy and vulnerable, we are still seen unconditionally and held and loved no matter what. With our “time bombs” going off because of anger we have held since we were two years old, or ten, or 30 or 60 years old, we are held in an incredibly safe, confidential container, able to finally let down our walls and breath some space into our souls.

And we are loved and held because everyone becomes a reflection of how deeply separate “we think” we are, in this fast moving world we live in. We are seen, when every tear has drained out of us and every muscle has been relieved and we are held in love, arms wrapped around our vulnerable bodies and hearts melting away, separation disappearing and any doubts of ourselves.

In the end of the week, I am 100% completely sure that we are one big heart walking around in separate bodies. I am clear that we all have pain, we all hurt, we all have guilt about something and we believe that we are alone in this human dilemma but, we are not! We celebrate and dance together rejoicing in our new reminder of each and every one of our beauty.

At the end, I leave so full of compassion for man kind, so in love with each person. I look in their eyes, and I am so sure that my pain, my sorrow, my trials and errors are shared by all. And all of my love, joy and curiosity about living in this crazy human body is also shared by all. I just keep forgetting!

If anyone has any doubt that they are not connected on this planet. If you are wondering why the heck you are here. If you need to get through a particular block in your life…or if you ever feel you are the only one suffering, please sign up for this amazing week of unparalleled growth and eye opening experience. It is worth every penny and every minute spent and more.
The Path of Love is held all over the world and two times in Brazil. In January and June.

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