Want Radical Change, Then Retreat – Interview with Rafia & Turiya, Path Retreats Co-Founders

Turiya Hannover e Rafia Morgan


Why taking time out can create massive, positive, change in your life fast.



Retreat, rethink, reinvent

There are times when we just want everything to be different. When we want a change of career, relationship, neighborhood even a different outlook on life. If this sounds like you and you’re really in the market to transform some part your life then consider going on retreat. It worked for me…

Catalyst for change

Five years ago I went on a seven day retreat. I thought it would be a well-needed break from the challenges of home and family. What it actually ended up being was the catalyst for me to radically change my life. Within a month I ended an unsatisfying marriage, changed career and moved house and went on to begin a new relationship! Intense – for sure: But was it worth it – absolutely. My life is amazing now in ways I couldn’t have imagined when I signed up for I thought was going to be, a big dose of rest and relaxation. Those seven days of meditation and self-enquiry dropped a depth charge into my day-to-day so that my life, in a good way, could never be the same again.

Life changing experience

While not everyone has such a dramatic turnaround after a retreat, many do have life changing experiences. I talked to Turiya Hanover and Rafia Morgan – world beating facilitators who have run retreats globally for over thirty years, about why a retreat might be worth a shot if you want to get out of your square.

Path of Love in Brazil – January, 2017


OMG: So why do you think its good to go on retreat?

Turiya: A retreat gives you time to focus on yourself, you have time away from your normal day lives, pressures and distractions. Its a time to reflect, look at your life and gain new insights and understanding about what can be changed and transformed. Its also a space of learning to listen to your inner and connect with your body, heart and spirit.

OMG: What’s to be gained?

Rafia: You can gain time for yourself, where you can connect with yourself in a new and refreshing way.  Its a time of inquiry and exploration and transformation. And its a time to look at your life and ask yourself, ˜what is the meaning of my life? ˜Have I loved? ˜Have I lived? ˜Have I found my inner calling, my destiny? ˜Am I really satisfied with my work, with my inner self and with my relationships, family and children? The retreat gives you the support to feel and face these existential questions. It gives you an opportunity to open your heart and with the help and support of a therapist to face old fears, concepts and beliefs that might hinder you to life a life of fulfillment and richness.

OMG: Right now there’s a lot of people facing uncertainty, change and a desire for something different. Why is retreat a way of finding the answers to these challenges?

Turiya: Especially at these times of uncertainty and change, its a great opportunity to look at our lives, and face what might be old and crusty structures and learn how to let it go. For many people this is a time of change and yet it brings also great opportunities. Only when we are challenged like this, do we have a chance to look at our lives and inquire into what is actually needed? A Chinese proverb says: A crisis is an opportunity riding the dangerous wind. Fear of losing your house, your job and your possessions creates tensions and anxiety.  Shaky times.  But … at the same time this breakdown is a great possibility for breakthrough.


Photo by Path Retreats


OMG: Some people might find the idea of retreat frightening, what would you say to that?

Rafia: It might be frightening, but only before you are in it: Because the mind will come up with so many frightening ideas. Once you are in it, you will be taken care off in a very loving and supportive way. You have to time to learn to be in your heart, and live yourself in a true and real way. That in itself is so satisfying and freeing. And at the same time it will give you deep spiritual nourishment that we need in order to live a fulfilled life.

OMG: What would you say to someone who is looking for real change in their lives?

Turiya: To take the risk and jump and dare to look at yourself and take a step into some new ventures. Only by risking will you find a new door. Only by learning to trust yourself can something fundamental change in your life.

OMG: Why do you do what you do? Why do you think it’s important?

Turiya: We do a retreat called Path of Love. Ive been working with people for over 35 years and am very passionate about this work. I believe that we are in a time of very deep and radical change. This change, in my eyes, has to come from each individual. As long as we wait for the outer, a husband or a government to do something, nothing deep and profound will change. The change we long for has to happen inside each one of us. And it means taking responsibility for our feelings, beliefs and concepts, that hinder a clear, open and compassionate view of life. I know, once each individual is ready to open up, beyond their disappointments, failures and deep seated hurts and wounds, a deep transformation arises on the horizon. Through this work we can help people to open up, beyond their defenses and survival strategies. Its a process that can create a door to freedom. I love to be part of this global transformation and feel a great sense of joy in contributing to this. It is an honor and a joy to see people open up their hearts and regain a sense of beauty and trust in themselves and in life again.

Its an invitation to experience the vital and passionate connection to yourself, to love and to life.  Its a huge privilege to be involved in a process of such purity and depth and to witness again and again the integrity and honesty of the participants.

OMG: Thanks so much!



For more info on The Path of Love go to www.pathretreats.com

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Photos: Omigoddess Magazine

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